The wheel broke, the struggles ended and with the dagger in the heart a new Targaryen dynasty defeated. Needless to say the world continued to turn without the wheel and sadly as days went buy the council to elect a king did not work well, why serve a Stark if he doesn’t even rule over his home? With his life bound by a chair it didnt take long for the treachery of the realm to pay him a visit. A dagger again in the heart of a king and thus the world was spinning on a wheel once broken.

The years went buy, summers and winters, and winters and summer and soon the histories spoke of Daenerys conquest much like they did of Aegons. It is the year 406, and a fresh spring is upon all the kingdoms of Westeros. Once more fragmented and self governed. With this new set up the realm of 7 kingdoms was once more, and oddly enough it remained a peaceful one. As the age of Dragons have past, the magic with it did too, and now again we find ourselves fresh out of a long winter, with only harvest, festivals and the warmth of summer to look forward to.

We find ourselves in Westeros 100 years after the end of the show. Join us, write your history, and see where the future takes you today!