PVP and Conflict Rules :

  • You may never attack a player without initiating conflict and warning them they may be in danger aka. 5 minutes of dialogue before you can begin to swing or attack them unless in a declared war.
  • You may never KOS
  • You may never do the act of pop-corning, or throwing out things simply to deprive another of the items without any intention to take them. If you overburden yourself you may of course throw things down to retrieve them after, but again intentionally throwing things out of any container simply to remove them from whoever owns them is strictly forbidden.  
  • You may not breach walls, bypass walls, climb over walls etc etc with any tames, tools etc. You must always go through any available gates.
  • If you are trapped and have no way of exiting an area via doors, you make break down walls until you enter a space with doors or leave the building.
  • You may never attack a passive tame unless it is in a declared region of conflict or in your own land and you given them 24hrs to move it.
  • Any unlocked gate must be broken before passing through if youre there on hostile terms, aka declared forms of attacks. 
  • You may only ever use up to 3 sets of armor in PVP. 
  • You may swap your shields in PVP
  • You may never repair in combat. 
  • Any army marching for assault declarations from one side of the map aka North to the South or South to the North must go through the bridge, that was known formally as the twins to attack, and must return through the twins to go home. 
  • If you’re attempting to repair your armor in a smithy or crafting station it must be done at your main keep/castle or you must have a war camp set up with the following 3 different buildings: a designated area for repairing, a designated area for re-spawning, and a designated area for meeting and war planning. It must be made of only settler, scaffold and wooden structures with palisade or spike walls. War camps may be counter attacked without the use of one of your 3 assault limits, but MUST be declared and follow all assault rules.
  • NEW LIFE RULE applies to ALL forms of conflict except sieges. You may immediately re spawn in sieges. 
  • You may never attack sleeping players, UNLESS they crash mid pvp, you may then loot them and or kill the crashed player.
  • You may never loot from sleeping players.
  • You may never wear armor outside of your class restrictions. 
  • You may never use weapons stronger than Journeyman unless your class states otherwise. 
  • You may never keep any Blueprints found from bosses or loot crates unless they are designated WRP staff event treasure chests. 
  • You may never use torp mechanics beyond Axes in pvp, no clubs, maces, mauls etc. You may however when in declared attacks use tranq arrows against mounts. 
  • You may never use grapples or climbing picks in PVP specifically for escaping.
  • You may use grapples to free yourself from squid grasps.
  • You may never use bolas, whips, or grapples against players or tamed mounts. 
  • You may never use Oil jars in combat. 
  • You may never use milk or wyvern milk in combat. 
  • You may use large bear traps, not small bear traps. A tribe may only ever place up to 25 bear traps in any conflict situation.
  • You may only KOS in your lands if an enemy you’re in a state of declared war with is spotted. 
  • All open world PVP that leads to a player death is NOT a perma situation. 
  • All deaths in any declared attack is not a perma situation. 
  • All attacks on any structures must go through the doors, gates etc. 
  • You may only use climbing picks for building purposes
  • You may only use grapples for building purposes. 
  • You may never use bolas, oil jars, whips, or grapples against players or tamed mounts.

  • You may never use chain bolas.
  • You may never use scorpions.
  • Whenever structures such as stairs and ceilings leading to pathways are destroyed they must be replaced. This responsibility goes to the owner of the structure. We will not halt pvp for this. If you can not fix it in a timely manner you will be made to remake the structure after the fight.

  • You may never use Ale, Beer, Wine or any other forms of Alcohol in war unless you are a Royal Baratheon or Knight or Higher to which they are allowed 4 Vanilla Beers throughout the defense of their home ONLY. 
  • You may only ever loot from storage bins, tames or containers in declared attacks. 
  • Only a Leader, or Master at arms, Maester, or Steward leading in someones stead may declare aid, or defense of any kingdom/lordship/village/thorp in any declared attacks and they must get word of said attack from a rider to declare aid immediately OR must wait 10 minutes before responding to the raven sent and riding to aid/defense. 
  • If you are at a place of conflict and your kingdom has NOT declared aid or defense, you may NOT engage or defend without first being engaged upon. (Doing so justifies a perma request for treason) 
  • With sufficient RP, or Conquest/overthrowing/overtaking or feeling. The individuals may keep ranks, mounts, classes etc. What you have or have been given is completely yours to be had. You may not however declare men master at arms send them to other kingdoms then send them back for cheeky knighting status. What this applies to. Kingdoms/Lordships taken over by other kingdoms/lordships would retain their mounts, retain their ranks with regards to armor and weapons. If you were a King, and you’re conquered, or you fled and pledged to another King you must wear lords, but you will retain lord status unless RP dictates otherwise. Kingdoms/Lordships taken over retain their mounts and cannot take the mounts of the kingdom that captured them. Valyrian blades the leaders wielded stay theirs until they are killed (permaed or sufficient RP is there to give it away to another person/royal/noble house); to which whomever the perma person is would gain control of the blade OR UNLESS the original house of original leaders still exists to which it would be returned. Captured lordships may not purchase valy blades with 50k. Captured lordships,villages etc do not add to your tax breaks. The Captured kingdom cannot use its special perks nor the capturing kingdoms perks.
  • Refined Purchased Steel blades, may never be looted unless the player is permaed, they must be returned to the player that purchased them, at the expense of 75k to the player the lost it. 
  • If your kingdom refuses to send its soldiers to defend your lands in any other forms of attacks you will be charged a fee of 350000 gold, if you do not have enough gold you will be charged.
  • If you refuse to defend your lands you will also have your valyrian steel blade reduced by 30 weapon damage each time, if it happens more than 3 times you will lose your valyrian steel blade. If you refuse to defend your lands willingly you will also have 2 soldiers demoted from whatever tier back to militia.
  • Whenever kingdoms are marching from Kingdom keeps to Assault or Seige, goldmine or any place of declared combat, during the time from First declaration to the time of the Arrival declaration they may be attacked while marching anywhere by any mount or player. We have the marching mechanic in place for counter attacks before your armies arrive at the objective. The arrival declaration is only made when the army arrives and that is exactly when the timer starts. If it is a Dragon involved in countering a kingdom marching they may not Pick the rider or players, but they can bite and burn users on route to a combat zone.
  • If you loot any Valyrian armor it is worth 50,000 gold per piece. 
  • King Valyrian saddles must also be returned but are also worth 100,000 gold.

Declaring War:

  • You must wait 3 days after server launch before declaring war on other kingdoms.
  • You must have proper roleplay before declaring war, a Kingdom can request an appeal to deny a war declaration. Any Kingdom appealing will be required to comment on the Who, What, Why and How it is not valid Roleplay in a required community meeting, pleading their case, the community will then vote on if more roleplay is required before the war declaration goes out. 
  • You must have had at least 3 encounters increasing in hostility to justify going to war. 
  • All war declarations cost 50000 gold. ( to pay for your standing army )
  • Any allies declaring any forms of assaults or aid with you in an aggressive attack, must also pay for war declarations. They do not need to pay or declare war if merely defending your kingdom however.  
  • Once a Kingdom has paid for their war declaration they open the war for the following attack types. 

War declarations must follow this format: 
Kingdom Name:
Kingdom Declared on:
Summarized Reasons: 


  • To declare an assault you must have had a formal war declaration on a Kingdom. 
  • You must type Kingdom A declares Assault on B @KingdomTag while your soldiers are still within your main castle. You must wait 5 minutes before your soldiers then march unto the enemy you seek to attack.
  • Upon arriving at the point you’re attacking you must then @KingdomTag, Your scouts have spotted the soldiers prepare for battle. 
  • Your attack begins and ends exactly 1hr and 30 minutes after that message is sent out. 
  • Your soldiers must cease breaking structures immediately and fall back, the pvp can continue and they can chase you up until they reach your borders to which they would then need to declare and follow the same procedure. 
  • Assaults are 1hr and 30 minutes of  pillaging your enemy. You may attack and break any and all storage bins,  doors and loot any unlocked containers and crafting stations. 
  • To be declared a successful assault you must have destroyed at least 8 containers, and 5 doors. You must win 5 Assaults before you can siege a kingdom. 
  • Any tribe may assault up to 3 times per week.
  • You must wait another 4 hours before declaring an assault again. Or 4 hours before another kingdom may assault a previously assaulted kingdom/Tribe
  • If you stumble upon a gold forge in a castle during an assault you may take whatever you see fit from it, Remember no pop-corning etc rules however.

Iron Island Reaving Assaults:

    • Assaults that may only be declared on kingdom cities and villages and never can result in an attack on the keep/castle.
    • 5 Reaving Assaults per week
    • 1 Reaving Assault per day
    • May not assault the same town within 3 days of the previous attack. ( A kingdoms city would have a 3 day cool down on a reaving.
    • Follows all normal assault break and pvp rules.
    • Reaving Assaults may be declared while on a boat of the Iron Fleet. No wait timer on this attack, may declare and instantly rush the shores to the City/Village.
    • At any point a Royal Grejoy kills anyone wearing Valyrian Armor they may unlock up to one Valyrian Armor piece to be warn. Ie Unlock the use of Valyrian Gauntlets.

Foot Battles:

  • Foot battles are orchestrated lines of conflict between two adversaries, in a Declared War.
  •  To declare you must type in the proper channel – Kingdom A declares a Footbattle on Kingdom B. 
  • There is a 30 minute warm up before the battle can take place. 
  • All Parties involved must declare aid before the 30 minutes expires. 
  • All parties will then meet ON foot (No mounts allowed) in a designated plot of land before a Kingdoms Town or Castle, and line up across one another. 
  • The fight is a Last Man Standing fight. Leaving the designated area does result in a forfeit of the person.
  • Winner gets spoils of the war and 350000 gold. (Spawned in) 
  • The fight is as long as it takes for one side to lose all members or surrender. 
  • If a leader declares a retreat or surrender ALL combat stops, all PVP stops, and the winner gets 475,000 gold. ( sparing the gear and supplies of a losing side, you cannot surrender before atleast 50% of your men have fallen.) 
  • Both sides must report the numbers of participants to keep documentation for admins. 
  • There is 1 reschedule allowed for up to 24hrs. 

Gold Pillage Assaults:

To declare a Gold Mine assault you must have had a formal war declaration on a Kingdom. 

  • You must type Kingdom A declares Assault on B @KingdomTag while your soldiers are still within your main castle. You must wait 15 minutes before your soldiers then march to the Market. You must wait for the admins to then spawn in the Gold Caravan. 
  • Upon arriving at the point you’re attacking you must then @KingdomTag, Your scouts have spotted the soldiers prepare for a gold pillage assault. 
  • The kingdom being declared on must then march and protect the caravan from the market, on the road through the twins, and down to green obby. They then must turn the caravan around and march it back to the market. 
  • The attacking side must kill the gold caravan before it returns to the Market. 
  • The only mounts allowed in the gold pillage attacks are horses and the Gold Caravan.
  • You may not use any falchions in the fight.
  • If the attacking side fails to kill the caravan before it returns to the market the Kingdom being attacked reaps a reward from the Iron Bank.
  • If the attacking side succeeds to kill the Caravan before it reaches the market they are rewarded the following:
    1-2: 250,000 gold.
    3-4: 300,000 gold.
    5-6: 400,000 gold. 
  • The fight ends when either the gold caravan dies, or the gold caravan returns to the market alive. 

Sieging, Ending the War once for all:

  • To declare a siege you must first have successfully assaulted a kingdom 5 times. Won at least 1 foot battle and been at war with said kingdom for 2 Weeks. 
  • First you declare in the respective channel Kingdom A declares Siege on Kingdom b. you must then set up a time frame and date within 48hrs of the declaration for the siege.
  • Once a time is agreed upon the kingdoms attacking then set up war camps outside of the declared upon’s castle. 
  • There is a 24hr period of NO conflict among all parties involved. 
  • After the war camp is set up and approved by admins the fighting can begin. 
  • The attacking side and the defending side may attack without warning each others war camp and castle for up to 72hrs. 
  • The following things however MUST happen during this 3 day period of fighting to become victorious. 
  • The Attacking side must do as follows:
  • Break the Castles Royal Chamber bedroom
  • Break into and find the Castles Vault Room 
  • Break the castles main Throne Chair.
  • Duel and Win at least 1 fight against the defending leader.
  • The Defending side must do as follows:
  • Destroy the main attacking leaders war camp tent
  • Defeat the main attacking leader in a duel. 
  • Prevent all three breaks of his bedroom, his throne chair and the discovery of his vault! 
  • Whatever side is able to achieve these tasks first wins the siege. 
  • The losing side if it is the attacker is fined 25000 gold and the defending leader may perma one person of his choice that died at least 2 times OR, the attacking leader.
  • The losing side if it is the defenders, will find all Royalty perm killed unless agreed upon other terms. 
  • Terms for what they’re sieging for must be established before war camps are built, and can be negotiated throughout the 24hr grace period.