Server Rules:



The world has always been dictated by the Laws of Odin, his wife and their family. We pray to the gods and the gods answer with blessings or curses.  Sons of Odin, Daughters of Frigg, we live and die by the ways our gods see fit. Our glory in life is our path into Valhalla, and together with family, friends and of course the gods will we can do almost anything we set our mind to. In the Winters we settle in and wait out the cold, and in the Summers our raids begin and our life by Odin and his glorious feasting hall in Valhalla we live by. Will you be immortalized in name and achievement or falter in your path? Will you be greater than Ivar the Boneless and Ragnar Lothbrok? How far will your ships guide you? How strong will you become with your axe? How long will your shield guard you in the world given to us by the tree of Yggdrasil? Find out today in this world without any path ahead of you but your own. 

Roleplay today as a Viking in the map of Valguero. The mythical beasts of our gods bless and roam these lands. Build, Farm, Gather, and amass riches to take with you to the after life. When the Summer raids are allowed go and pillage, raid and destroy to bring glory to the gods you serve and earn your seat in Valhalla. 

Act as peasant, A great warrior, a stablehand, or a priest? Lead a viking family and make a name for your house. Become a Jarl, Conquer other Jarls and become the King. The choice is yours in this RP server and community. Use Wit, Tactic, Politics, and of course the Might of War and power of your soldiers to bring infamy to your name and once again, earn your seat in Valhalla. 


  • All basic server rules of Twitch terms of Service apply here.
  • No Hatespeech, Harassment, Erotic RP, Slavery RP, or Mutilation Rp.
  • No hacking, exploiting, duping or glitching. 
  • No metagaming, powergaming.
  • You may reroll as you see fit.
  • You may never heirloom yourself. 
  • No Out of Character chat or use of local chats. 
  • No Streamsniping. 
  • No hollywood or famous character names. 
  • No names or character models that do not fit lore/ or are completely malfigured. 
  • Acting negative, or toxic can result in your removal from community. 

Server Rules and Concepts:

  • At the start of every season you will group up with your clan and build up your village and fight and die by the ways of Nordic life. 
  • The only stat restriction is no more than 115 movement speed. 
  • You must stay in RP at all times while playing on the server. 
  • You may excuse yourself from RP via local chat “OOC: I will be afk” is good enough. 
  • Your names and characters, builds and experiences must be lore friendly and specific. 
  • You may never broadcast music over voip without expressed permission by all parties. 
  • You may never steal without a declared raid. You may never popcorn items or let things despawn without good reason. 
  • You may never kill, spay or neuter any other mounts that do not belong to you.
  • You may never PVP or attack players or tames without 5 minutes of initiation. 
  • You may never have more than 8 mounts. 
  • Only Named Viking tribes of 8 or more may have massive Mounts.  

New Life Rules and Permas

  • Should you ever die, in roleplay or be killed in roleplay you may not return to the area until 10 minutes have passed. This is considered new life rule. 
  • You may of course return IF youve been invited back or if its sparring etc. 
  • To perma a player aka, end their character life, you must roleplay with them for at least 10 minutes, and in that 10 minutes make it apparent the are in danger of being killed. After the 10 minutes is up they must have an escape option and fight option. All routes exiting must be unlocked, no doors may be locked and there must be sufficient RP to wanting to kill said player. 
  • Failure to provide unlocked routes of escape even if they fight invalidates the perma. 

Server Tame Rules:

  • All players may have up to 8 Mounts
  • All tames must be tagged appropriately.
  • Any mount in game may not be checked if they are passive prior to attempting to loot its contents or potentially provoke a free kill on a mount.
  • That being said any mount that is not passive and is attacking another player may be killed without initiation.
  • Any mount left or brought to an area where combat is taking place passive or not may be killed. Do not bring animals you hold dear to areas that are being attacked, or if your animal is in an area being attacked that you hold dear, move it.
  • All stables must be out of render of the main villages and longhouses to prevent unnecessary lag or unintended deaths during conflict. You may not attack a barn that is solely for breeding mounts, unless proof they are holding goods/supplies in main breeding lines.
  • You may never attack a passive tame unless it is in a declared region of conflict or in your own land and you given them 24hrs to move it.
  • All kingdoms may have up to 8 Massive Tames:
  • Brachiosaurus, Brontos, Rexs, Gigas

Tames Allowed:

  • All tames that spawn may be tamed except for the following:
  • No Flyers of any kind, No basilisks, No crabs.

Structure and Land Claim Rules:

  • You must build out of Vanilla wood, stone, thatch or Settler, Scaffold or Villager ceilings, and stairs. You may have a Keep wall, ceiling and foundation floor of your village longhouses.
  • You may have no more than 8 gates or doors leading to throne rooms.
  • You may not honeycomb structures.
  • You may not have more than 2 secret doors leading to any vault.
  • You may not have more than 2 secret doors leading to any place of importance or stored goods.
  • Any entrance must be accessible by foot and allow large mounts up to the castles main door.
  • The use of levers and drawbridges is prohibited.
  • You may not build mazes or structures solely to win in PVP.
  • You may never destroy a structure without permission or a raid declaration.
  • Custom made ships must be moved away from any main villages and longhouses, failure to do so will result in said ship being sunk.
  • You may only claim someone else’s land through a siege declaration.
  • You may only destroy a structure not owned by you through conflict and a siege victory. (Unless this structure is built on your land, then it can be destroyed through a raid declaration)
  • You may not build greenhouses. 
  • All Kingdoms may have up to 200 crop plots.
  • Ports must be build housing your boats out of render of any castle or village.
  • Tribes are limited 90×90 foundation claim. Builds may not exceed 400 foundations 

Economy Rules:

  • All viking tribes with 8 or more people may request 1 gold forge or 1 Veggie market or 1 meat stall.

Market Rules:

  • Blueprints will only be auction items. 
  • Animals will only be sold – not colored (except for special tokens/auctions).
  • Rare Blueprints, Items, Tames, etc. may be auctioned randomly, rewarded for events, etc.
  • Markets are to be as orderly and silent as possible until the staff team is bolstered <3 
  • Markets will occur 1-2 times per week. 

Starting Apprentice Tier.

  • 150 gold per tool.
  • 300 Gold per Nobles, Axes, Saxon Swords, Pikes.
  • 300 Gold per Longbow, Composite Bow.
  • 500 gold per Shield. (No matter the type)
  • 500 gold per Saddle. (No matter the type)
  • Tool Blueprints 50000 gold.
  • House Mounts 2500 Gold.
  • Non House Mounts 1000 Gold.
  • Shoulder or Non Rideable Mounts 500 Gold.
  • Commoner Armor Upgrade – 50,000 gold. (Squire Armor)
  • Commoner Weapon/Tool Upgrade – 50,000 gold. (Mastercraft use)

Refined steel blades will cost a tribe 300,000 gold and tribes may buy up to 3 ascendant weapons. They will be given 1 ascendant weapon at verification of 10 in tribe size only after the first market if an admin is free. Or if an admin is free and able to log in. 

Patreon rewards will be gifted upon admin accessibility. 

Child RP:

  • Children characters may never engage in relationship RP 
  • Children characters may wear and use up to Squire tier, if they roll militia class and are Actively engaged in full on soldier RP, squiring for a Knight. If they are not of any military class they’re limited to Milita Armor and Shields. 
  • Children may use up to Journeyman weapons and tools. 
  • Any child RP leader, co lead of a kingdom may wear kings armor and use ascendant weapons. 

Conflict, Armor, Weapons Etc:

  • You may only have 3 sets of armor and may use any amount of shields you see fit.
  • You may wear up to Knight armor and use Knight shields. 
  • Tribe Leaders may pick 5 members in the tribe to wear Champion Armor.
  • Tribe leaders may pick one co lead to wear Kings armor.
  • Tribe leaders may pick one person each week to wear lords armor for RP reasons. 
  • Tribes with less than 8 may only ever wear knight armor. Only approved in discord tribes with 8 or more may have the armor upgrade options. 
  • Anyone capped at Knight armor can use up to Journeyman quality.
  • Anyone capped at Champion or Lord may use up to Mastercraft
  • All higher ranks may use Ascendant weapons. 
  • Anyone may use any quality tool, saddle.


  • You may never attack a player without initiating conflict and warning them they may be in danger aka. 5 minutes of dialogue before you can begin to swing or attack them unless in a declared war.
  • You may never KOS
  • You may never do the act of pop-corning, or throwing out things simply to deprive another of the items without any intention to take them. If you overburden yourself you may of course throw things down to retrieve them after, but again intentionally throwing things out of any container simply to remove them from whoever owns them is strictly forbidden.  
  • You may not breach walls, bypass walls, climb over walls etc etc with any tames, tools etc. You must always go through any available gates.
  • If you are trapped and have no way of exiting an area via doors, you make break down walls until you enter a space with doors or leave the building.
  • You may never attack a passive tame unless it is in a declared region of conflict or in your own land and you given them 24hrs to move it.
  • Any unlocked gate must be broken before passing through if youre there on hostile terms, aka declared forms of attacks. 
  • You may only ever use up to 3 sets of armor in PVP. 
  • You may swap your shields in PVP
  • You may never repair in combat. 
  • If you’re attempting to repair your armor in a smithy or crafting station it must be done at your main keep/castle or you must have a war camp set up with the following 3 different buildings: a designated area for repairing, a designated area for re-spawning, and a designated area for meeting and war planning. It must be made of only settler, scaffold and wooden structures with palisade or spike walls. War camps may be counter attacked without the use of one of your 3 assault limits, but MUST be declared and follow all assault rules.
  • NEW LIFE RULE applies to ALL forms of conflict except sieges. You may immediately re spawn in sieges. 
  • You may never attack sleeping players, UNLESS they crash mid pvp, you may then loot them and or kill the crashed player.
  • You may never loot from sleeping players.
  • You may never wear armor outside of your class restrictions. 
  • You may never keep any Blueprints found from bosses or loot crates unless they are designated WRP staff event treasure chests. 
  • You may never use torp mechanics beyond Axes in pvp, no clubs, maces, mauls etc. You may however when in declared attacks use tranq arrows against mounts. 
  • You may never use grapples or climbing picks in PVP specifically for escaping.
  • You may use grapples to free yourself from squid grasps.
  • You may never use bolas, whips, or grapples against players or tamed mounts. 
  • You may never use Oil jars in combat. 
  • You may never use milk or wyvern milk in combat. 
  • You may use large bear traps, not small bear traps. A tribe may only ever place up to 25 bear traps in any conflict situation.
  • You may only KOS in your lands if an enemy you’re in a state of declared war with is spotted. 
  • All open world PVP that leads to a player death is NOT a perma situation. 
  • All deaths in any declared attack is not a perma situation. 
  • All attacks on any structures must go through the doors, gates etc. 
  • You may only use climbing picks for building purposes
  • You may only use grapples for building purposes. 
  • You may never use bolas, oil jars, whips, or grapples against players or tamed mounts.

  • You may never use chain bolas.
  • You may never use scorpions.
  • Whenever structures such as stairs and ceilings leading to pathways are destroyed they must be replaced. This responsibility goes to the owner of the structure. We will not halt pvp for this. If you can not fix it in a timely manner you will be made to remake the structure after the fight.

  • You may never use Ale, Beer, Wine or any other forms of Alcohol in war in PVP.
  • You may only ever loot from storage bins, tames or containers in declared attacks. 
  • Only a Leader, may declare aid, or defense of any kingdom/lordship/village/thorp in any declared attacks and they must get word of said attack from a rider to declare aid immediately OR must wait 10 minutes.
  • If you are at a place of conflict and your kingdom has NOT declared aid or defense, you may NOT engage or defend without first being engaged upon. (Doing so justifies a perma request for treason) 
  • Any ascendant blade looted must be returned and you will be given 100,000 gold as reward. 
  • Follow all forms of PVP for Assaults, Foot Battles, and Sieges, in WRP’s War Rules section for forms of declared attacks. You do not need to be inside your lands or at your base when you declare an assault, you must do so however outside of render of the base you intend to attack, also do not need to be in a formal declared war in an assault, Summer raids and viking ways promotes fighting and pillaging. 
  • All tribes 8 or more may assault up to 5 times a week
  • All tribes 7 or less may assault up to 3 times a week


All vikings are soldiers – you may wear up to Knight armor and use up to Journeyman weapons. 

Select the following classes:

Priest: – Unlocks any and all brewing, healing RP and custom recipies for medicinal and herbal remedies. 

Peasantry: – Unlocks any and all farming related items and crafts, crop plots and taming of animals, breeding of animals, cooking and brewing of alcohol and custom food recipes. Any and all Tranq arrows, Fishing rods, and any tools, items needed for hunting, farming and gathering aka, sickles, basic tools, stone pipes and irrigation. 
+ 20 Animal tames. 

+ 30 Crops. 

Crafters: – Unlocks all structure pieces of any tier, unlocks crafting and smithing of any armor and weapons and tools, unlocks making and crafting of any saddles, shields and all bow types, and arrow types. May make bear traps as well. 

Custom Class: make up your own and describe to us what you plan to do. 

Apply Here: