Welcome to the WesterosRP Server – These are the following rules!

Community Rules:

  • No hate speech, harassment or hazing.
  • No hacking, exploiting, duping, etc
  • No hackusations, admin abuse claims, or metagame/powergame claims without proof.
  • No metagaming or powergaming.
  • You may only reroll twice per season, if you’re perma’ed by other players you may reroll numerous times. 
  • No heir-looming your items to new characters.
  • If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
  • If you have issues with concepts, mechanics or a player, bring them up OUT OF CHARACTER in discord and utilize constructive and healthy means to address them.
  • No stream sniping.
  • You must follow all Ark and Twitch TOS standards.
  • You must be at least 14 years of age to play here. Anyone under 18 years of age must have a * in their discord name.
  • If you are playing a child in RP, you are considered under the age of 16 years of age and you must have {C} at the end of your name.
  • No unwarranted or unwanted advances or romantic gestures, etc.
  • No erotic roleplay of any form in a public setting in or around WesterosRP.
  • There is to be no bondage, slave, or body manipulation/mutilation roleplay.
  • No advertising or asking for admin perms.
  • No extremely negative postures or actions will be tolerated. Do your best to keep your criticisms and concerns voiced appropriately to promote positive change, not negative moods.

Server Rules and Concepts:

  • At the start of every season there will be 3 days of no conflict, in this time attempts to perma players is also strictly forbidden. 
  • All pre-built castles may not be edited or changed, neither can the approach to said castles. Every castle was built with defenses in mind and set up. Editing and changing will result in temp bans.
  • Your character names must not be Hollywood names. They must also be lore accurate.
  • Your character models must be appropriate and not extremes on either spectrum.
  • You may never stat more than 115  movement speed.
  • You may never stat more than 802% crafting Skill. 
  • You must stay in RP at all times when on the server. 
  • You may excuse yourself from RP with a simple “OOC: I need a moment in local chat. 
  • Local chat is only for emoting, and excusing yourself from a situation if need be or necessary. Use of it to inform someone you’re laughing will result in kicks, potential temp bans etc. Don’t disrupt the roleplay.
  • You may never engage in PVP with a player or a players mount without initiation. You must indicate you intend to harm someone with 5 minutes of dialogue before attacking.
  • You may never have more than 4 un-ridden animals to blockade choke points, or fill rooms with. You may have up to 4 animals in any room or defensive point on aggressive/neutral or turreted mode as defensive means. None of these 4 animals unridden may be ankys, You can however use Ankys if they’re ridden. 
  • You may never steal, raid or take anyone elses items without following proper PVP/Class declarations and rules.
  • This includes pop-corning, or throwing out things simply to deprive another of the items without any intention to take them. If you overburden yourself you may of course throw things down to retrieve them, but again intentionally throwing things out of any container simply to remove them from whoever owns them is strictly forbidden.  
  • You must always respect  Royalty. IE failure to Kneel can be a reason to punish a character with hanging/permas etc. 
  • If you have an issue with your kingdom and or tribe and wish to roll out you may do so without permission from admins, on the condition you DO NOT take any items or tames, merely food and the clothing on your back.
  • If you wish to leave with Permission you must schedule an admin discussion with a list and screenshot of the tames, and items you wish to take. 
  • You may never Kill, Neuter, or Spay any tames including tames that are even labeled yours if you intend to leave with or without admin discussion and leader oversight. Doing so will result in permanent suspension of your playtime on Westeros RP. And a future ban on your ability to roll as a stablehand. 
  • All structures created on the server must be lore accurate, obey laws of physics and must be Roleplay inclined. PVP builds will result in tribe structure wipes. 
  • Any tames in your tame limitations must be labeled with your name or initials Yogi [Josh] for example would be how A character Josh in Winterfell would have his bears tag set up that is named Yogi. 

New Life Rules and Permas

  • Should you ever die, in roleplay or be killed in roleplay you may not return to the area until 10 minutes have passed. This is considered new life rule. 
  • You may of course return IF youve been invited back or if its sparring etc. 
  • To perma a player aka, end their character life, you must roleplay with them for at least 10 minutes, and in that 10 minutes make it apparent the are in danger of being killed. After the 10 minutes is up they must have an escape option and fight option. All routes exiting must be unlocked, no doors may be locked and there must be sufficient RP to wanting to kill said player. 
  • Failure to provide unlocked routes of escape even if they fight invalidates the perma. 

Server Tame Rules:

  • All players may have up to 5 Rideable Mounts and 2 Shoulder Pets or non-rideable mounts.
  • Other classes may increase a player’s tame limits.
  • All tames must be tagged appropriately.
  • All players must get their mounts from Hunters and Stablehands. If you are not of that class, you are not allowed to Tame/Breed animals.
  • Any mount in game may not be checked if they are passive prior to attempting to loot its contents or potentially provoke a free kill on a mount.
  • That being said any mount that is not passive and is attacking another player may be killed without initiation.
  • Any mount left or brought to an area where combat is taking place passive or not may be killed. Do not bring animals you hold dear to areas that are being attacked, or if your animal is in an area being attacked that you hold dear, move it.
  • All stables must be out of render of the main castles and villages to prevent unnecessary lag or unintended deaths during conflict. You may not attack a barn that is solely for breeding mounts, unless proof they are holding goods/supplies in main breeding lines.
  • Stablehands may request one stable cage storage. Seek admins for the cage. 
  • You may only tame other kingdoms mounts with purchased permits or writs of agreements from other kings/queens to then be given to said kingdom, (House mounts are only allowed in the appropriate houses, unless using your Hunter Companion) 

Kingdom Specific Mounts:

  • The North – Direbears – Direwolves – Kolonomopos
  • The Reach – Megatheriums – Chalicos – Kentros
  • The Westerlands – LVL 200 Bought Lions – Thylacoleos – Tigers
  • The Stormlands – Stags – Direbears – Sabers
  • The Vale – Thylacoleos – Microraptors – Sabers
  • Dorne – Wolly Rhinos – Giraffes – Aligators
  • The Riverlands – Wolves – Chalicos – Dunkleos
  • King of Westeros /Kings Landing – All creatures of all kingdoms.
  • The Following mounts may be tamed by any tribe with the appropriate class =
  • – Anklyo, Doeds, Beavers, Horses, Otters, Phiomias, Bees, Dung Beetles, Ravens, Jerboas, Ducks and other small birds. Feather Lites, Hyaenodons, Glowgoats, Glow lizards, and Moschops, dragon flies, ants, and fish, Macaws, Corvus, Moas.
  • All Kingdoms are limited to 400 Tames.
  • All Lordships are limited to 200 Tames.
  • All Villages are limited to 100 Tames.
  • All Thorps are limited to 50 Tames.
  • You may never attack a passive tame unless it is in a declared region of conflict or in your own land and you given them 24hrs to move it

Structure and Land Claim Rules:

  • You may never edit or change the exterior, structures or add to the structures of the prebuilt castles without admin approval. You may edit the inside layout but NEVER edit anything on the exterior.
  • You may have no more than 8 gates or doors leading to throne rooms.
  • You may not honeycomb structures.
  • You may not have more than 2 secret doors leading to any vault.
  • You may not have more than 2 secret doors leading to any place of importance or stored goods.
  • Any entrance must be accessible by foot and allow large mounts up to the castles main door.
  • The use of levers and drawbridges is prohibited.
  • You may not build mazes or structures solely to win in PVP.
  • You may never destroy a structure without permission or a raid declaration.
  • Villages, and all other Dukedoms/Lordships must be out of render distance of main castles.
  • Large farm plots must be out of render distance of main castles.
  • Custom made ships must be moved away from any main castle, and villages, failure to do so will result in said ship being sunk.
  • You may only claim someone else’s land through a siege declaration.
  • You may only destroy a structure not owned by you through conflict and a siege victory. (Unless this structure is built on your land, then it can be destroyed through a raid declaration)
  • Greenhouses may be built in/near the main castle of each kingdom/lordship/dukedom Size limits MUST be followed.
  • Kingdoms/Lordships/Villages/Thorps must have non greenhouse farms outside of render of any castle, village, or goldmine.
  • All Kingdoms may have up to 60 free crop plots.
  • Ports must be build housing your boats out of render of any castle or village.
  • Thorp Limits 30×30 foundation claim. Manors may not exceed 100 foundations.
  • Village limits 60×60 foundation claim. Duke keeps may not exceed 275 foundations.
  • Lordship limits 90×90 foundation claim. Lord keeps may not exceed 400 foundations 
  • Main Castle Structures may not exceed 625 foundations.
  • Kingdom territories are predefined by the map which can only be changed through RP and War.

Kingdoms/Lordships may appoint 2 Different Banner Lords and their Co-leads with 2 additional valyrian steel blades per region and 2 Dukedoms per region: 

Aka: King/Queen 

Lord A and Spouse

Lord B and Spouse 

King Blades x 2 
Lord A x 1 Blade 
Lord B x 1 Blade.  

Dukes and Lords may make Bannerlord Keeps and or other Villages run by a Duke. They need not remain in the tribe and can be a separate tribe that is allied to the main Kingdom/Lordship. 

Dukes and Bannerlords may use Kingdom mounts.

To appoint a Lord you must request an admin or go to the market to appoint to a user to a lord title. You will answer a few questions and pay 350,000 gold for a Valyrian Steel blade for them and the fees to appoint them to the role, they are granted Lord Class immediately. A lord may have a royal family with up to 5 members, once again benefiting the armor and weapon use IF they have militia class. 

The same process is to be followed for a Duke, however they cost 150,000 and do not get a Valyrian blade, they and a Co are immediately granted Champion Class They may also get one mastercraft blade. If they do not have a co at the time they must wait until a marriage takes place for another to receive the title of Duke/Duchess.

A group of up to 5 people may make Thorps at the request and permission of the leader of the land they’re building on. The need not be in the same tribe, Thorps may not use kingdom mounts.

Economy Rules:

  • All kingdoms are limited by perks and efficiency.
  • 1 gold is worth 10 silver, and 10 copper is worth 1 silver.
  • All Kingdoms are given 1 Main gold forge and 1 Commoner Forge. 
  • All of the gold from the main gold forge is for the King and the Kingdom.
  • All of the gold from the commoner gold forge is required to be paid out to the people in the Kingdom: (Leader chooses how to pay citizens) – If not paying the citzens for work, can seek out in RP the king as well as admins if no intervention takes place. Suggest payment guidelines:
    Citizens: 1000 gold per week.
    Soldiers: 3000 gold per week.
    Maesters: 5000 gold per week.
  • Extra gold is to be managed appropriately by the Master of Coin. 1 Appointed roll for a Kingdom to manage the gold, forge and funds. 
  • A person appointed to Master of Coin is granted access to wearing Lord Armor/Shields  and using up to Mastercraft weapons and shields.

Market Rules:

  • Blueprints will only be auction items. 
  • Animals will only be sold – not colored (except for special tokens/auctions).
  • Rare Blueprints, Items, Tames, etc. may be auctioned randomly, rewarded for events, etc.
  • Markets are to be as orderly and silent as possible until the staff team is bolstered <3

Starting Apprentice Tier.

  • 150 gold per tool.
  • 300 Gold per Noble/Norman and Falchion Sword, Saxon Sword, Pikes.
  • 300 Gold per Longbow, Composite Bow.
  • 500 gold per Shield. (No matter the type)
  • 500 gold per Saddle. (No matter the type)
  • Tool Blueprints 50000 gold.
  • House Mounts 2500 Gold.
  • Non House Mounts 1000 Gold.
  • Shoulder or Non Rideable Mounts 500 Gold.
  • Commoner Armor Upgrade – 50,000 gold. (Squire Armor)
  • Commoner Weapon/Tool Upgrade – 50,000 gold. (Mastercraft use)

Valyrian Steel Blades:

  • All Valyrian Steel blades must be returned to its rightful owner within 30 minutes of looting it in combat. – They will be returned through staff.
  • Valyrian Steel blades are worth 75000 gold. That means if you loot one, the kingdom it was taken from will pay you 75000 gold for its return.
  • Each Leader, Champion or Master at Arms that gets an Enemy Leader Valyrian Steel blade may turn it in for a 10% increase to their blade OR, receive 150,000 gold spawned in from the Admins. 
  • Any kingdom may buy additional Ascendant Refined Steel Blades for 700,000 gold and each purchased blade will be bound to the Character, It will be able to be stolen if the character is perma’ed, whoever loots it from the perma’ed loot bag gets to keep it. If a person with a bound blade rolls a new character the blade is lost for good. 
  • Valyrians can only be taken from another Kingdom through a Siege, War, or Perma of all able leaders at season start. It must be with sufficient RP, and or ending an entire Royal line thus the blade cannot be willed to another Royal member in the line. You can negotiate terms and demands with regards to Valyrian blades, but you can never force someone to give it up without declaring a siege. 
  • King/Queen Valyrian Blades may be upgraded 6 Times. 10% each time.
  • Bannerlord/Lady Blades may be upgraded 4 Times. 10% each time.
  • Refined Steel Blades may be upgraded 2 times. 10% each time.


  • Only Maesters, Leaders and their royal family members, and Master At Arms/Master of Coins, or any appointed to the Small Council may read and send ravens.
  • This does mean, if a raven is addressed to you specifically, you’re not able to read it if youre not of the following rank. And must hope or request it be read and brought to you. 
  • You must not respond or react to any raven for 10 minutes! 

Child RP:

  • All children may follow the class guidelines as if they were not a child depending on the age, use your best judgement on what you can do without or with an adult helping.
  • Children characters may never engage in relationship RP 
  • Children characters may wear and use up to Squire tier, if they roll militia class and are Actively engaged in full on soldier RP, squiring for a Knight. If they are not of any military class they’re limited to Milita Armor and Shields. 
  • Children may use up to Journeyman weapons and tools. 
  • Any child RP leader, co lead of a kingdom may wear kings armor and use ascendant weapons. 

Royalty and Nobility Limits:

  • All villages, lordships and kingdoms start off with at most 2 royal family members. These members are the King/Queen, Lord/Lady, Duke and Duchess. You may also pick 1 child from the start that inherits the Prince/Princess perks.
  • You may then have 3 additional family members IE with your royal last name, brothers, uncles etc inheriting automatically the Duke perks, up to 5 family members. 
  • In total that allows for up to 6 Royal named individuals.
  • Royal family, Leaders, Etc etc MUST have militia class to get armor upgrades or they are limited to Squire armor as well. – This applies to the Prepicked bannerlords as well, Dukedoms, etc.