These are the special perks and abilities each King/Queen has to use throughout the season to benefit his or her own people.

Perks may be used until after the first Market and not before. 

House Arryn of the Vale 

  • The Bloody Gate, – Once every week the Arryns can use this perk to bloody the madness that is attacking their kingdom. The path is narrow restricting flow, the dead bodies are making it harder to get through, no matter the size of the attacking force only 5 men can push against the vale for the first 20 minutes of any attack, all other soldiers struggle to break through the bloody pass. 
  • Knights of the Vale, – Each time a squire is ready to be Knighted, they may promote an additional squire to Knighthood. The Knights of the vale may also promote one additional member to Lords armor and up to ascendant blade uses with the title Captain of the Knights Cavalry. They also get Horse saddles, Norman Swords and Lances at 50% off. 

House Baratheon of the Stormlands 

  • Ours is the Fury – Whenever the Baratheons are being attacked via an ASSAULT Declaration you may invoke this perk, All Nobility, and any soldier Knight or above can drink up to 4 beers per fight. They may only drink ONE beer at a time and must be Ark Vanilla beers. 
  • King of the Storm – A little rain and storm never hurt anyone, in fact it seems to aid the men in the Stormlands. If at any point the Baratheons are in a declared attack, if a storm starts or takes place during the fighting you may invoke this perk, the Baratheons need only wait 1 minute for NLR before respawning and returning to the fight, This only is the case during rain and thunderstorms not wind storms.

House Lannister of The Westerlands

  • A Lannister always pays his debts – House Lannister gets  one additional commoner forge. 
  • Lannister Wit – Lannisters, may at any point in any new declared war have up to 4 delays in being attacked by 30 minutes, and if rolled 1d6 4 or higher on any gold pillage attack double the gold pillaged. 

House Martell of Dorne

  • The Dornish Vipers – The head Prince or Princess and two other Martells of Dorne, they must reside in Dorne, is to receive one age 350 Basilisk with an ascendant saddle once per season. They will also receive 2 basilisks age 250 at the same time. ( These mounts do not count towards anyone’s tame limits. 
  • The Dornish Plan – They may declare up to 2 sneak attacks once a week, without declaring publicly, Up until they arrive at the gates then they must declare like all sneak attacks  – Declares in dornes announcements tagging admins first. They may redeem one armor upgrade if they roll at 3 or higher on a 1d6 roll after a kingdom has purchased it on auction as a bonus each time as well. 

House Stark of The North

  • The North Remembers – Once every two weeks the North may invoke this perk, reducing the price of all shields, swords, and ranged weapons by 30% ( this can be used for purchasing a Refined steel blade ) 
  • Winter Has Come, – A lone pup or cub survived the long winter thanks to its strong mother, once per 2 weeks the North may invoke this perk for a baby 30 levels higher than its current amount and babies may never exceed lvl 400.

House Tyrell of The Reach

  • Tyrell Farmlands -The reach has veggies stalls in addition to gold forges. All Citizens in the reach may farm and plant crops, and have 20 additional crop plots. (This does not give them all farmer perks just farm plots and the ability to farm.
  • A Rose has Thorns – Once per 2 weeks if the reach is attacked they may delay any attack by 20 minutes deploying the thorns of their garden. A kingdom will also need to roll a 1d6, if evens they’re lost in the briar maze and the attack is delayed an additional 20 minutes (40 minutes total). Odds the attack presses on. If evens they also receive (Spawned in) 75,000 gold from the “Looted bodies that never made it out alive”

House Tully of Riverlands

Flood Gates. – The Tully’s flood the castle of Riverrun, thus making it unattackble once per week during a declared war. This only may be used once per week and only against direct assaults or sieges, not caravans/footbattles.

Family, Duty, honor – The Tullys always have family and duty, and honor above all else, They honor one man as if he is family Family with Lords perks, one man of Duty with champion perks, and one man of Honor with knight perks once every 4 weeks. 
The tullys also have Fish/meat stalls as well as of Gold Forges. 


First men – May ask for the blessings of the Old Gods once a week, on a 1d6 roll at 4 or higher the blood of the first men flows true and the wildlings are enrage on their raids. All wildlings on the attack with this blessing may wear NON UPGRADED/CRAFTED Kings armor must use their class shields and use up to Ascendant blades. 

The True North –

Free folk may only ever be attacked by one kingdom at a time.