Peasantry: 1 Point Each

  • Baseline: C/U = Craft/Use

    • Stone Tools. C/U

    • Torch C/U

    • Tents C/U
    • Journal C/U 

    • Whip C/U

    • Notes C/U

    • Campfire C/U

    • Waterskin C/U

    • Vanilla Refining Forge C/U

    • Vanilla Cloth armor. C/U

    • Thatch structures C/U

    • Rope Ladder C/U

    • Dyes and Paintings/Canvases. C/U

    • Eco Decor RP Mod Table and items within (Not food tray) C/U

    • Small and Large Wood Storages C/U

    • Sleeping bag C/U

    • Settler and Scaffold Structures. C/U

    • Wood Signs. C/U

    • Slingshot C/U

    • Mortar and Pestle C/U

    • Standing Torches. C/U

    • Flags C/U

    • Simple beds C/U

    • Club C/U

    • Spyglass
    • Bolas for PVE C/U

    • Simple Bow and Stone Arrows. C/U

    • Wooden Structures C/U

    • Wooden Cage C/U

    • Wooden Shield. C/U

    • Hide Armors C/U

    • Preserving Bin C/U

    • Fishing pole. C/U

    • Feeding Trough C/U

    • Vanilla Wooden Table, Chair and Bench C/U

    • Cement Paste, Narcotics, Stimulants, Sparkpowder, Gunpowder. C/U 
    • Hair Growth and Hair Unlocker. C/U

    • Cute Hair crafting stations. C/U

    • Wardrobe C/U

    • Wardrobe Skins C/U

    • Scissors. C/U

    • Mirror C/U

    • Use Militia Armor and Shields.
    • Use up to Journeyman weapons and Shields.
  • Farmer/Cook/Barhand: 

    • Ship Galley Food Table C/U

    • Cooking Pot. C/U

    • Compost Bins C/U

    • Fertilizer C/U

    • Eco RP Food Tray. C/U

    • Work Table + Dinnerware + Cooking Accessories. C/U

    • Beer Barrels, Wine Barrels. C/U

    • Stone Pipes and Water Reservoir  C/U

    • Jerky C/U

    • Re Fertilizer C/U

    • Bug Repellent C/U

    • Custom Food and Drink Recipes C/U

    • Stews, Chilis, Steaks, (Ark brews that are not meds/energy or mindwipes) 
    • Crop Plots. C/U

    • Eco Tree Table C/U

    • + 10 Farm animal slots must be labeled [Farmers]
    • Can go out and Tame and Breed, the farm animals as follows:
    • – Sheep, Dodos, Dung Beetles, Bees, Phiomias. 
    • May have 20 crop plots.
  • Stablehand:

    • Feeding Trough C/U

    • Imprint Kibble. C/U

    • Tranq Arrows C/U

    • Stable Bedding C/U

    • Taming and Breeding Animals and Shoulder Mounts

    • + 20 tame slots must be labeled [Breeder]
  • Mason/Smith

    • WRP Armors C/ must follow using only Militia armor unless higher soldier rank.

    • Pliers
    • Vanilla Armors C/U

    • CKF and Vanilla Swords/Axes/Bows/Arrows/Shields and Tools. C/U

    • CKF Fireplaces, Cooking Pots, Rotisserie C/U

    • All horse Armors/saddles included barded. C/U

    • Handcuffs C/U

    • Shackles C/U

    • Siege Engines, Ballista, Catapults. C/U

    • Ammo for all siege weapons. C/U

    • Firepits and Light fixtures C/U

    • Archery Target. C/U

    • CKF Forge, Refining forges. C/U

    • Ship Cargo Table. C/U

    • Ship Galley Crafting table C/U.

    • Ship Quarters Table. C/U

    • Eco’s Upholstery, Sign Awning, Shoppe, Market RP Decor  C/U

    • Villager and Stone Structures C/U

    • CKF Keep Structures C/U

    • Toilets C/U

    • Windmills and Grindstones C/U

    • Pyre C/U

    • All Decor Items C/U

  • Hunter

    • Taming Animals and Shoulder Mounts C/U

    • Up to Mastercraft Ranged weapons
    • Bear Traps C/U

    • Tranq Arrows (Must buy barbed arrow tips from blacksmith) C/U

    • Smoke Grenades C/U

    • Lassos C/U

    • Bolas C/U

    • Ghillie Armor C/U

    • Hide Armor C/U

    • Fur Armor C/U

    • You  May  have a Companion + 1 rideable companion of any house or non house mount that they get permission from said Kingdom if it is another kingdoms house mount. 

Religion Ranks: 1 Point

  •  Red Priest/Drowned Priest.
    • Stimulant C/U

    • Narcotics C/U

    • Magnifying Glass C/U

    • Journals C/U

    • Energy Brews C/U

    • Medical Brews C/U

    • Maester Table and the following potions C/U

    • Milk of the Poppy C/U

    • Stronger Narcotic C/U

    • Consumable Poisons C/U

    • Mindwipe C/U

    • Lesser Antidotes C/U

    • Antidotes C/U
    • May have 8 Crop plots
    • Once per week you  may attempt to bring back the dead, through blessings from their god. Must roll a 5-6 on a 1d6 roll. 
  • If a Red Priest picks their subfocus as Redpriest, so 2 points in Red Priest their new perks are as follows.
    • – May roll to bring back any permaed brought to them. Must roll 3 or higher on a 1d6 roll. May automatically bring back one person they have declared the chosen one without rolling throughout the season. Must have sufficient RP with said person to justify them being the chosen one. 
    • May roll at the start of a fight to grant the blessing of fire arrows 1d6 5 or higher for up to 1 person per fight. 
    • May never pick anyone blessed or chosen by a septon or a septon class.
  • Septon/Septa

    • Stimulant C/U

    • Narcotics C/U

    • Magnifying Glass C/U

    • Journals C/U

    • Energy Brews C/U

    • Medical Brews C/U

    • Syringe C/U

    • Magnifying Glass. C/U

    • Journals C/U

    • Maester Table and the following potions C/U

    • Milk of the Poppy C/U

    • Stronger Narcotic C/U

    • Consumable Poisons C/U

    • Mindwipe C/U

    • Lesser Antidotes C/U

    • Antidotes C/U
    • May have 8 crop plots
    • – Once per declared conflict a Septa/Septon may roll a 3 or higher on a 1d6 to reduce NLR to nothing, stabilizing any wounds and allowing a fallen soldier to return to the fight immediately. Lasting for the entire declared attack. 
  • If a Septon picks their subfocus as Septon, so 2 points in Septon their new perks are as follows.
    • Once per declared conflict a Septon may automatically grant 3 people New Life rule exemption automatically. 
    • May pick 3 Faith militant, up to 3 people per season with sufficient RP that they can void of New Life rule any time any where also granting one of them champion status. *Mend their wounds and blessed by the seven.* 
    • May roll a 1d6 and get a 5 or higher, to force someone they’ve captured *must have initiated capture RP* to atone for their sins, stripping them of their bonus perks IE armor upgrades, knight tokens, etc etc.* allowing the Faith to then use the perk
    • May pick the blessings to be for a dragon rider, however the dragon riders must SPAWN at their keep and ride a horse back to the fight, may not spawn at the place of the attack. 
    • May never pick someone blessed by a Red Priest or a person of a Red Priest class.
  • Priest/Priestess (Drowned God) 

    • Stimulant C/U

    • Narcotics C/U

    • Magnifying Glass C/U

    • Journals C/U

    • Energy Brews C/U

    • Medical Brews C/U

    • Syringe C/U

    • Magnifying Glass. C/U

    • Journals C/U

    • Maester Table and the following potions C/U

    • Milk of the Poppy C/U

    • Stronger Narcotic C/U

    • Consumable Poisons C/U

    • Mindwipe C/U

    • Lesser Antidotes C/U

    • Antidotes C/U
    • May have 8 crop plots
    • – Once per declared conflict the Drowned Priest/ess may roll a 4 or higher on a 1d6 to grant access to ONE user to use blind arrows during the flight, shooting them with arrows dipped in the ink from the Krakens.
  • If a priest doubles down on the priest class aka, uses both points to be a drowned priest and remains in the Iron Isles, they are granted the following perk. 1d10, 6 or higher. The Drowned god swells the seas around the isles with storms and with dangerous seas. No dragons and no ships may be used against the isles during the declared fight. This perk can only be redeemed to benefit the isles twice a week no matter how many priests try it. 
  • Priest/Priestess (Old Gods) 

    • Stimulant C/U

    • Narcotics C/U

    • Magnifying Glass C/U

    • Journals C/U

    • Energy Brews C/U

    • Medical Brews C/U

    • Syringe C/U

    • Magnifying Glass. C/U

    • Journals C/U

    • Maester Table and the following potions C/U

    • Milk of the Poppy C/U

    • Stronger Narcotic C/U

    • Consumable Poisons C/U

    • Mindwipe C/U

    • Lesser Antidotes C/U

    • Antidotes C/U
    • May have 8 crop plots
    • – Once per 2 weeks may request an oracle for Blood for Blood, must sacrifice creatures and give items in return for unique items and unique mounts or higher aged mounts. 
  • If a priest doubles down on the priest class aka, uses both points to be a Old Gods priest and the are granted the following perk. 1d10, 6 or higher. They are granted sight of a relic buried deep in the snows, If you fail you may roll in one week , if you succeed you may roll once again after 4 weeks. Follow the rewards table below:
    • 1-3 – 200000 gold or an Armor BP  of choice.
    • 4 obsidian axe (Ascendant axe of refined quality and if found may never roll for this perk again) 
    • 5 – Armor Upgrade Token ( you find a rare set of armor buried in the snow) 

Nobility:  (Only Picked or Appointed or Overthrow to Rank up)

  • Prince/Princess: All Knight perks. + 5 Tame slots

  • Duke/Duchess: All Champion perks + 5 Tame slots. 

  • Lord/Lady: All Champion Perks Lord/Armor/Shields+ 7 tame slots. 

  • King/Queen – All Champion perks + 10 tame slots, Use and Wear King armor and shields.

  • King/Queen of Westeros – All Champion perks Valyrian Armor/Shields + 10 tame slots.

    • You will get access to all mounts from all kingdoms
    • You will get access to Valyrian Armor and valyrian armor blueprints from the market, as well as shields.
    • You will get the strongest valyrian steel blade of choice. 
    • You will get 2 of the strongest valyrian steel saddles of choice. 
    • Must form a small council.
    • Must have weekly council meetings
    • Must throw events, and keep the kingdom unified.
    • To become king you must bend the will of all the mainland kingdoms to either bend the knee or take them by force making them swear fealty in one way or another. 

Military: 1 Point For Man At Arms.

  • Militia (Starting Rank) 

    • Hide Armor  C/U

    • Training Dummy C/U

    • Vanilla Primitive Armor and weapons. U

    • Siege Weapon Use U

    • Up to Journeyman Armor and Weapons U

    • Primitive up to Journeyman Shields U

    • Militia Armor U

  • Squire (Rank Up) – Must have served as a Militia and offered to squire to a Knight or Lord/King/Queen in the military in the same kingdom for 4 days. Must engage in Squire RP, soldier RP for the entirety of the process of squiring. Journal of the RP that was done when offering/requesting or being asked to squire.

    • Lances U

    • Barded Horse Armor use. U

    • Squire Armor U

    • Primitive and up to Journeyman Armor and weapons. U

    • Primitive and up to Journeyman Shields. U

    • Up to Journeyman Arbalest, Crossbows and Longbows. U

    • All lower soldier class perks. U

  • Knight (Rank Up) – Must have served as a squire for 1 week in the same kingdom. You must engage fully in RP as a squire for the entire week and present a Journal of important tasks and lessons learned as a squire to the admins at the market when ranking up to Knight. OR Must have a Journal summarizing why you were Knighted after a honorable, chivalrous, or heroic act in a time of war or great battle. 

    • All lower soldier class perks. U

    • Knight Armor U

    • Up to Mastercraft armor and weapons. U

    • Up to Mastercraft Shields. U

    • Hardened Steel Shields. U

    • Up to Mastercraft Arbalest, Crossbows and Longbows. U

    • Considered Nobility Class. U

    • + 2 tame slots 

  • Champion (Rank Up) -Must have served 2 weeks  in service of the same kingdom as a Knight,  Must have bested 10 non kingdom members in combat in full armor. Must have a journal of engagements and lessons learned as a Knight when ranking up with admins at the market. OR Must have a Journal account of a scenario that the King felt was so rewarding you deserved the title Champion after performing heroic acts in a war or great battle. Limit 3 per kingdom.

    • All lower soldier class perks. U

    • Champion Armor U

    • Up to Ascendant Shields. U

    • Up to Ascendant Arbalest, Crossbows and Longbows and  Weapons U

    • + 2 Tame slots.

  • Master At Arms (Must Rank Up) – Once per season a Leader may pick one soldier to become a Master at arms, (Commander of their armies).  Can only be replaced if he is permed, or rolls out or deemed unfit to rule with the title. 

    • All Champion class perks

    • May wear up to lord armor and use lord shields.
    • +5 Tame slots.

    • May send ravens
    • May declare aid in defense and declare aid in assaults.
    • May declare assaults
    • May make medical and energy brews.
  • Sellsword (Starting Rank)  –
    • All Knight Perks 
    • + 2 tame slots
    • May use up to Mastercraft shields and weapons
    • May never be in an actual kingdom only allied.
    • If a sellsword gets a total of 20 kills in active war time battles they may upgrade to champion armor. 
    • Sellswords may only have groups up to 5 per tribe. 

Maester Ranks:

Maester Class restrictions are based on their Links they earn. All maesters roll in with 1 link besides the Black Iron Link, and once per 2 weeks may roll to earn another link.

1d10 at 5 or higher they may choose another link, they will only be granted a roll IF they have a Journal of proof explaining the efforts put forward to learn more in another link. 

All maester classes are capped at 3 links. 

All acting and serving maesters are released of any caps so long as they are a non last named, acting maester for a kingdom. 

All valyrian links are the last link anyone may ever roll for no matter how many links they have prior. If you attempt to roll for a valyrian link you may never roll for another link after. 

You may only ever redeem up to 2 valyrian link perks a season. 



Black Iron

  • Can send and read ravens, can teach others to read and send ravens. 

Silver & Lead

  • (Medicine & Healing) –  can make brews, mindwipes, antidotes and syringes, can identify specimen Ids, and can brew all healing brews from maester tables. All poisons from the Maester table.  Unlocks 8 crop plots for berries and resources for brews.


  • (History) – Can craft books, bookcases, desks, tables, quills, magnifying glasses, Can be used to determine lineage for players, Can use nameplates to identify LAST names of a person based on “Armor Appearance, and physical features” 


  • (Warfare) – Inherits Knight Class, Can make training dummys, can repair non fully broken weapons and armor. Can offer council and war tactics. If a Kingdom has a Maester with the Iron link, they are granted 1 free sneak attack every weeks. *Maester Tactician*
  • Sneak attacks are waiting on declaring until you’re at the gates and immediately declaring once you wish to attack.
  • Children rules override maester class perk.


  • (Economics and Finance) – Once every week may roll a 1d6, odds the Maester gets one gold token, evens they get nothing, when a Maester has 4 gold tokens he may unlock permanently an additional commoner gold forge for himself. May also save a kingdom 5% gold off of orders per market when he is in attendance. May make 2 commoner forges with a 6 or higher on a 1d10 roll into a full forge. 
  • May roll to reforge a forge once per 2 weeks. 


  • (Animal Husbandry, and Farming) Can tame and breed animals, Can make and use tranq arrows of all types, and winters kiss drugs. May also take a companion with the permission of a kingdom of any mount they’re intending to companion. Can make stable bedding, and feeding troughs. May also use this link for farm studies, gets 40 additional crops, and can do all perks that follow a cook/farmer class. + 30 Additional tames.

Steel & Pale Steel 

  • (Smithing) – Inherits smith and mason class perks. They may roll 1d11 and Gets one NON ARMOR blueprint for free 1-3, apprentice tier, 4-8 journeyman tier, 10 mastercraft tier. If they roll 11 they may indeed pick one armor or shield BP. ( if they do not pick an armor BP or shield they may pick any mc tier, shields may be up to apprentice Tier.) 

Valyrian Steel. 

  • May roll once every 2 weeks of playing a maester classed character for a vayrian link must get a 80 or Higher to succeed at the link. May only roll once every 2 weeks and have significant RP to justify the link. 
  • Perks that follow depend on other links they have.
    • Silver and Lead – 1d6 at 3 or higher May return someone from the dead, with or without their head, they would return much like how the Mountain was, they would be severely impacted and dependent on the new Maester that returned them. 
    • Copper – May with 1d6 at 5 or higher find a fine set of armor that was belonging to a member in a certain families history and return the gift to the person of your choosing. Granting them an armor upgrade. 
    • Iron – May with a 1d6 roll at 4 or higher thus prove to be incredibly proficient in the forms of conflict. Unlocking Lord armor, shields and up to Ascendant weapons for the Maester, and granting 2 sneak attacks a week. 
    • Gold – May with a 1d6 roll find the fortunes of ancient histories and wealth of Old Valyria .
      • May spawn in at the request of admins Hell forges up to 5 times a season. 
    • Brass – Valyrian studies took you past the shadow lands, there you find unique creatures, unlocking yourself a shoulder drake, a shoulder phoenix and one mount of your choice from any kingdom excluding dragons, and basilisks. May be purchased from the market, imprinted to you and at the age of 270 wild.
    • Steel & Pale Steel – The study of steel and craft has put you beyond the rest, you based on the roll are able to craft refined steel blade.
      • 1-75 – 1 Refined steel blade for whomever you see fit.
      • 76 – 100 – 2 refined steel blades for whomever you see fit.
        • 1-4 200% crafting skill. to influence the one craft. 
        • 5-9 400% crafting skill. to influence the one craft. 
        • 10  800% crafting skill. to influence the one craft. 

More links may come in the future. 



5 Per tribe, No more than 3 tribes per season. – First two weeks there will be only one tribe. Your apps must be atleast 2000 characters and at the start it must have a **FREEFOLK** note for admins to set aside. You will be hand picked and we expect the most effort put in your backstory for this role. 

Freefolk may only build out of Settler, Vanilla wood, and thatch. 

Freefolk may only ever assault, and may only ever be assaulted. They may assault up to 3 times.

Freefolk may engage in sneak attacks, where they declare in their own channel and can sneak assault up to 2 times per week. 

Freefolk tribes will only have 1 commoner gold forge. 

Free folk, may pick 2 out of the 6 classes and inherit all perks from said classes: Smith/Mason, Farmer/Cook,  Hunter, Stablehand, Militia, Septon/a (Considered a priest of the old gods) 

Any wildlings that invest one point in militia are automatically knights.

– Willdings may all wear and use up to knight armor and mc blades unless they do not have a combat class then squire armor and jman blades.

– Wildlings may have up to 4 champions earned through time served and however the Magnar sees fit in promotion may not promote more than 2 champions within the first 2 weeks of a season.

– Wildlings may nominate a Lord of Bones to Serve the Magnar, 150k gold to which they get a refined axe.

– Wildling Magnars get a Lord Quality Axe and wear King Armor.

– Wildlings may also now tame Wooly Rhinos.

All freefolk may use climbing picks, to scale walls etc when in publicly declared assaults. Freefolk may bypass gates etc with climbing picks only during publicly declared assaults. They may NOT bypass gates or use climbing picks when not in publicly declared assaults. 

All freefolk may use lore specific items to make them look and be more scary. 

All freefolk may tame the following:

Mammoths, Direwolves, Direbears, and the occasional Rock Golem – when gifted by an oracle.

Freefolk must build in the specific regions known as Murder snow, refer to server map for the location of building. 

Freefolk must never disguise as anything else, and must always have Flak armor skinned with fur or lore specific skins.

Freefolk may never be attacked by more than one kingdom at a time.